2bn, in the fourth quarter, and the shift to these density-optimized machines was part of the reason why revenues declined even though shipments across all types of servers rose by 2 per cent to 2. 4 billion in sales and 2. Voicing fears that "unless concerted action is taken swiftly key LLU market will be put at a disadvantage", Black added that he required a "clear Staircase of Improvement Targets, each point on the staircase defined by Time and the Actions to be taken and the Resultant Improvement in Quality to be delivered".

Clapper has, either intentionally (though more likely inadvertently) revealed the agency's own core internal weaknesses and deficiencies probably more so than any other revelation leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden, who remains responsible for the biggest global intelligence leak in post-World War II history.

College uses PDAs for student registers. Microsoft is preparing to release an update to its Dynamics CRM Online software that will feature a new user experience as well as tie-ins to its Yammer social networking software and Skype communication platform, the company announced Thursday.

CPC rates were down 15 yy vs the Street at an 11. Exclusive Apple has ordered the developer of a web browser for iPhones and iPads to disable vital functionality. As Kibbe and Klepper note, this stuff doesn't exist yet.

It already is. Sun has claimed millions 2013 GlassFish downloads. when it comes to IT - but that wasnt the case in one area until tuneup.