To sing a worried song about agency IT security, says study. Summary: CEO Paul Otellini said that the company saw solid enterprise demand and projected "healthy worldwide demand for computing products of all types.

A DDoS challenge enticing you to knock down the site for 15 minutes in exchange for a fifty dollar gift certificate from the well known geeky outlet ThinkGeek.

Your host for the 1hr event is The Register 's own Tim Philips, who will be introducing Reg regular Jon Collins from Freeform Dynamics and our esteemed guest, David Greschler from Microsoft.

Enterprises have three options: Implement an enterprise IM solution, deploy a solution that makes it possible to build policies around public IM services, or do both," Orans said. Because either you're building an application container or you're building an application container host system. The device also supports the use of a SIM card so you can use the Storm when you travel to other countries.

com hyper-vdownload. But the same day that the IAEA report made news, Ali Akbar Salehi, the head of Iran's nuclear agency, denied Stuxnet had affected the country's atomic program. Visicalc co-founder Bob Frankston says the whole debate misses the point. Summary: Current users shouldn't actually notice a difference in performance or usage as this is all set up to take place behind-the-scenes.

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