US Navy Intelligence is soon to deploy radical new computer monitoring software able to sniff out "deviations" among hundreds of thousands of sailors at sea on the world's oceans. And then, news trickled out that Sony's now-very-popular root-kit-esque DRM stuff has a wee copyright problem of its own. I need to setup my account and try to purchase an application to see how that part of the client works, but the free downloadinstall part works like a champ so far. Microsoft's spokesman said there are currently no official plans to release the technology or include it in any products.

And John Callaham charts DOS's demise. The FBI will be able to close the loop, though, with the records of the ISP to which that IP address is assigned. It has problems too - it's not immune to the 90nm fab problems everyone else enjoys, or supply chain hiccoughs - but in the job of eviction value-for-money high technology at the heart of computing, it's punching well above its weight.

Naturally, Dell is suppling the hardware for the test environment: Intel-based PowerEdge-C servers. Finally, a recent social-engineering hack involves an e-mail memo which contains.

9 per cent, while GroupWise accounted for 21m in sales, down 20. If youve got an adult Tumblr, go look at your own settings. Note the ads for Digital switches - a long-dead notice - and news of now-utterly-irrelevant third-party education services for Novell software. Summary: Wired's Gadget Lab caught wind of this cool banner flying at Macworld Expo's Moscone's South Hall today. Three new non-executive directors have joined the 48 year-old Gurassa on the Virgin Mobile board: Caroline Marland, once MD of Guardian Newspapers; Rupert Gavin, CEO of BBC Worldwide and David Maloney ex-CFO of Le Meridien Hotels.

SDO and SCA are backed by letters including IBM and SAP. And a region in the front of the brain that usually detects conflict was similarly dampened.

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