The tablet has an 8-megapixel camera on the back with LED flash, and a 2-megapixel front camera. Ones for which you wish you had microsoft document scanner software the error page instead of the cache data).

Instead of getting bought, the future search giant went public and owned the sector. The possible raids came less than a week after White served Globe and Atlas mirrors as Tor hidden services. When Atlassian was first started in 2002, neither Cannon-Brookes nor Farquhar knew exactly what they wanted to do with it. There's always going to be people having their new phones nicked. But knowing how to program is not the same as knowing how to solve problems - and that's what these competitions test.

While that validation process of migrating legacy servers should usually go smoothly, the cost and time required is non-zero and it isn't as simple as Virtualization technology such as VMware or Microsoft Virtual Server which allows you to basically import legacy machines as is without changing the OS version or OS vendor.

Episodes of "Fat Actress", "Beavis and Butthead" and "CSI" (everywhere) might make the service attractive to some, but Joost are going to have to tie up some deals for better content than that if they're going to get enough users to pay off the investment; unless the service can be sold off before that happens.

I was talking up Bring Your Own Device 20 months ago, when BYOD was not yet a hot thing, much less a widely-used acronym. IBM and Fedora project 17 iso dvd are moving into on-line collaboration. Sandeep Joshi is on the road so often that when ZDNet Australia asked him where he was based, he joked that he practically lived in the Qantas lounge.

The Chinese are going to have a very, very hard time kicking the Windows XP habit. The system has an eight-port SASSATA RAID disk controller on the mobo and six peripheral slots - five PCI-Express slots (one x16 and four x8) and one ancient PCI slot. In the UK, the part of the thinking behind the Digital Economy Act was that it would stymie copyright infringement.

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